It’s challenging to visualize all that you’ve accomplished in a year on a day to day basis. And in an industry that’s consistently understaffed and overworked, we tend to focus on everything we need to do rather than taking a step back and recognizing a job well done. As 2017 comes to a close, I challenge you to sit down and review everything you’ve accomplished this past year. Think back to successful events, creative member initiatives, meaningful member experiences, the opportunities your group provided for professional development, and your impact on the community. Use these positive and engaging memories for inspiration as you plan for 2018.

Since I’ve asked you to take time for a trip down memory lane, we thought we’d do the same. This morning, I compiled a list of all we’ve done in the past year – and we feel pretty proud. This year, we launched a new AMO website, started an active blog, updated our administrative interface, developed custom plug-ins, partnered with a new merchant company, built our first mobile application, and so much more. To catch you up on all the enhancements, head to AMO Product Updates on the blog.

Any enhancement or update we make on the AMO platform stems from this question – how can we simplify your life while simultaneously help you create great member experiences? As we look back on the changes mentioned above, we want to share why we implemented them and how we hope they’ve helped.

The new and improved AMO website

AMO Product Enhancements

Our main goal with the new AMO site was to make it accessible, easy to use, and resourceful. We modernized the design by adding images and big bold text. We also cleaned up the content and added to the support center. To help new users navigate the site, we added clear CTA’s to schedule a demo, call, or access additional resources. We know that a functional, user-friendly toolkit is essential for association managers considering AMO, so we created a quick tour video of the admin to give users a glimpse into the look and feel of our platform. Our new site also came with a new blog, The Association Insider. See more below!

The Association Insider – Our Blog

Not only do we want to help admins better manager their group by sharing our tools, but we also want to be a credible source of knowledge in the association industry.  That why we post articles every day on association marketing, revenue management, event planning, leadership strategies, and administrative tools. To keep up with all the action, subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We’ll send you a recap of our most popular articles that month and preview what’s coming up.

Modern, Clean Administrative Interface

AMO Product Enhancements

Many AMS platforms struggle with clunky, outdated interfaces. To bring our design into the modern age, we decided to do a complete overhaul. We improved functionality by assimilating module workflows. This change helps users adapt to the new system at a much faster rate. We created a flexible dashboard page that helps admins quickly absorb analytics on revenue flow, upcoming events, and breakdown of membership types. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, sign up for a free 30-day trial here. No credit card required, we promise.

Custom Plug-ins – Customize AMO to fit your exact needs

Though AMO seems to fit about 90% of our customers’ needs, there’s always that 10% that takes customization or workarounds. Although we want to help our customers in any way we can, we’ve also worked hard to preserve the simplicity of our platform. To protect AMO proper and serve customer needs, we came up with a plug-in structure. Similar to WordPress plug-ins, our developers can create custom programs or workflows that fit on the platform without affecting the rest of system. Check out an example below.

Our Partnership with CardConnect

As we help simplify your life, we also want to save you money. We support over 6 payment processors including Stripe,, and PayPal. However, we noticed many of our customer’s dealt with high processing fees on their transactions. To help mitigate fees and improve security, we researched other companies that could better serve our customers. After months of analysis, we found that CardConnect had the most to offer – a best-in-class solution to streamline and simplify payment processing. With our new integration, customers can save a whole percentage on fees, process refunds with 1-click, and feel their payments are protected with the most rigorous security measures in place.

To read more about our partnership, read this post. Ready to make the switch? Email us at to get started.

Our first mobile application

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been working hard to develop our first mobile application. This first version was built for an association who needed a custom event check-in system to ensure only paid members were attending their meetings. Using AMO’s robust event module, we create a QR code for members to scan on their mobile device that automatically checked them into the event. This workflow will help increase efficiencies and save their admins time. If you’re interested in your own mobile application, contact me at

AMO Product Enhancements

2017 has been a whirlwind of progress here at AMO. Our platform has evolved in so many ways. We are extremely excited to head into the New Year and share upcoming enhancements with you. As always, reach out to us with feedback.

Happy New Year!

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