What is a Webinar? 

A webinar is a live online educational presentation in which the audience is encouraged to interact with the speaker by making comments and asking questions.

The history behind the Webinar.

In the mid-1990s web-based chat and instant messaging software were produced. 

Then, in the late-1990s the first “webinar” was born. Web Conferencing, web seminars (webinars), and peer-level web meetings all meaning essentially online collaborative services.

Starlight Networks launched Star Live! which was one of the first web conferencing capabilities. Throughout the 1990s many companies released versions of the same concept which provide an interactive, online, multimedia presentation to multiple attendees simultaneously. The term/product itself originally called WEBinar trademarked in 1998 by Eric R. Korb was abandoned because it was difficult to defend and is currently owned by InterCall. 

What to expect from the AMO Webinar Series.

Webinars have proved to provide audiences with rich content and an opportunity to interact with a seasoned expert on a particular subject. AMO hopes that hosting this webinar series will facilitate an open discussion about our services and provide a space for individuals to ask questions. 

AMO Webinar Training: Website, Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 2pm 

AMO Webinar Training: Reporting, Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 2pm 

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The Audience

We want to start off by asking a couple of key questions. Who will be attending our webinar? What challenges are they facing and need answers for? What are their goals? 

This is where you come in. Talk to us! What are you curious about? What areas of AMO do you find most challenging? Where do you need support? 

AMO hopes for our webinars to be mutually beneficial. As our audience your opinion is incredibly important to our success. Let’s collaborate! 

What are the presenters thinking?

Our AMO expert Davendra will be the mastermind behind the webinars and we thought it may be beneficial for you as an audience to get a glimpse into this experience from his perspective. 

Davendra is ArcStone’s Junior Support Engineer, he works closely with AMO. Davendra is passionate about technology and helping people understand a deeper knowledge of the many benefits of this software. 

Q: What have you been feeling thus far hosting AMO webinars? 

A: “Running a webinar has been a very interesting experience so far. I feel it helps increase engagement with existing customers and allows for some unique interactions. Our customers that are attending the webinars are providing us with valuable suggestions to improve the overall experience with our product and the AMO platform as a whole. 

Q: So far, any pros about your experience? 

A: The engagement with customers has many pros- it helps customers learn the system, stay up to date and familiar, and helps answer questions that may have otherwise been a call into the support center. 

Q; Any improvements to be made? 

A: People not signing up for the Webinar is the biggest con. Running into technical issues during the live Webinar is a concern as well, but implementing a well versed guideline and presenting with a stable bug-free environment helps negate this issue.