Can you believe we’re starting Q4 in just a weeks time? This summer flew by! We’re jumping feet first into a busy fall season, starting off with some big updates to the AMO administrative interface.

As always, many system upgrades stem from your requests. Our goal is to make your life simpler and easier and we do our best to continually push enhancements that do just that. This recent push was a big one. Let’s start with the top 3 new features…

1. Our New Plug-in Feature

Have you ever wanted AMO to do something in a particular way for your group? Perhaps connect to an external app, add a new workflow or process a fee in a unique way?

Using our API and plug-in framework, we can now embed apps within the AMO admin and the member portal. This gives both administrators and members access to completely custom tools tailored to your needs.

We recently completed a custom plug-in for the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors to process their letting dues. Check out a quick demo below…

2. Custom Mobile App

We are now working on the framework for a custom event & membership app. We have developed the initial version to automate the event check-in process for The Bourbon Society of Louisville.

If you are interested in getting a free copy of this app for your group and would like to participate in our mobile app testing group, please shoot me a message at

3. One Step Registration Refunds

Processing event cancellations have been a drag in AMO for awhile. You have to do the cancellation within AMO and then log into your credit card processing system to refund the money.

We’re happy to tell you that our new partnership with CardConnect just cut your work in half. If you’re using CardConnect you’ll be able to refund and cancel a registration in one step. Haven’t signed up yet? No problem! Take a few minutes and apply for a CardConnect account. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us a

4. Other Enhancements

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more, check out this list of smaller updates we’ve also added:

  • Send Dues Invoices Based on Loaded Criteria From Dues Notifications
  • Send Dues Invoices Queue/Scheduler. Run Dues on the Half Hour Via Scheduled Script and Offload From Real-Time Processing
  • Allow Affiliated Organization Rollup Option for Range Based Organization Dues Type
  • Force Minimum of 1 Letter and 1 Number For AMO Admin Area Password Updates
  • Add Notes Area To Modifications Interface
  • Add Email From Name Option to Messaging, Messaging Drafts, Event Messaging, All Events Messaging, Board Messaging & Group Messaging
  • Pay event registration invoices with credit card at a later date
  • Cancelled Attendee Report
  • Event Financial Report Download
  • Member Center > My Event History – Display of Cancelled Events
  • Membership Application Approval Process Moved To AMO Admin Area
  • Membership Application Approval Refund Option For Denied Membership for CardConnect Accounts

Wowza, that’s a hefty amount of enhancements! Congrats if you made it to this point in our post. If you have questions about any updates, feel free to reach out to us at