Choosing an AMS is a tough process. First, you have to determine your needs, budget, and timeline. Then, it’s time to sort through all the software companies out there and figure out which one suits you best. The latter task can take time and slow your search if you’re not asking the right questions.

Below are 5 questions you should always ask your vendor:

1. How long has your company been in business?

Longevity typically translates to success and security. If a business has survived for over 20 years, you can assume their financially stable. It also means they’ve probably grown significantly and pay attention to consumer needs. On the other hand, if a company has only been around a couple years and doesn’t seem to understand the market, it may be best to look elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean a start up company isn’t a good fit but be straightforward in your needs and pay attention to their answers.

2. What kind of association is the best fit for your product?

Though many sales people will tell you they can work for a variety of groups, each AMS platform has an ideal customer. Give them your associations specs – size, industry, necessary tools, and # of staff members. This information will help the vendors quickly determine fit and either move forward with your group or point you in another direction.

3. Do you understand our industry?

If they are in fact a good fit for your company, ask if they understand your industry. See if they’ve worked with groups like yours before. It’s not necessary for them to understand everything about your profession but it is important that they comprehend your values and goals.

4. What kind of experience do you have with groups like ours?

Ask for references or case studies from other groups like yours. How did they utilize the system? What tools increased their bottom line or helped them grow?

5. How frequently do you update / enhance your software?

Similar to question one, if an AMS platform is making consistent updates to their product, it’s usually a sign of company stability. It shows they’re investing in their product and listening to their customer needs. Ask for a list of the last product enhancements and what’s on the docket for the next quarter. Pay attention to the upgrades they’re focused on – are they mostly technical or visual? Do they affect the member experience or stabilize security on the backend?

Determining the answers to these questions is essential in finding a vendor that works for your group. Still not sure what kind of AMS will work for you? Start a free trial and kick the tires yourself. AMO has a 30 day free trial, no CC required. Start your trial here >>AMO Free Trial

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