Over time, membership engagement ebbs and flows. It’s natural to see an uptick in activity after an event and a decrease during slow summer hours. However, if you notice a slow decrease in engagement over a long period, it may be time to reevaluate your strategies.

Before you dive into a solution, take a step back and determine what the problem is. The notion to slap a band-aid on a deeper issue seems tempting but will only hurt you in the long run. Dig deep and think through the potential causes of disengagement.

Poor online presence

If you haven’t invested in a strong web strategy by now, you’re definitely missing out on a whole realm of engagement. Members expect digital options like a membership portal, online resources, and ways to communicate online. If your online presence isn’t up to par or worse, non-existent, it’s essential you begin researching options. We recommend AMS systems like AMO because of their all in one tools. Manage members, dues, events, messaging and the website in one location.

People don’t know your value

Your members are essentially mascots for your association. They should easily understand what you do, what you offer, and how your work enriches the lives of professionals – aka your value proposition. Are you confident your members know your value? Ultimately, it’s up to them to market your group in an authentic way that draws in more people. You as an admin can reiterate your strengths as much as you like but if a member can’t even see or understand what you’re worth, they won’t engage or convince others to.

Look at your competitors

Unfortunately, you could be doing everything right to only be beat out by a competitor. To better your chances and prevent disengagement, make sure you keep a close eye on the competition. Have they launched a new member initiative? What kind of creative benefits do they offer? As you analyze their success, consider your own programs and member offerings. Do they meet the standard? Do they go above and beyond to engage members?

It’s not easy to look at your association through a critical lens; however, it is necessary if your engagement is low over a long period of time. Think of this evaluation as a part of the solution. It will take time but the overall benefit could help identify needs and increase engagement.

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