So what is Association Management Software (AMS)? You read about it and you know you need it but lack an understanding of what it is. Today, we’re breaking it down for you. We’ve even included a free e-book at the end that outlines how to choose an AMS and how to implement it. Keep reading to download!

Association Management Software: Who?

AMS platforms serve associations, non-profits, societies, clubs, and membership organizations. While most AMS systems serve the typical needs of any membership group (member database, dues, events, finances), each software out there serves a different niche. Some specialize in homeowners associations while others focus on academic societies or sporting clubs. As you’re searching for software, be sure to evaluate the type of niche a particular platform works with.

Association Managment Software: What?

AMS systems help association admins manage their members, dues, events, finances, emails, online store, job board, directory and integrated website. What is usually done with multiple programs can now be facilitated in one location. See a breakdown of the typical tools included in an AMS here >> Whats Typically Included in an AMS

One of the most important components of an AMS is the centralized, integrated database. It allows you to track member information including if they’ve paid their membership dues, what events they’ve attended, what company they work for, and any specific data you need to know about them. If you’re tracking your membership data in an excel sheet, it’s likely your records are not up to date or consistent with your event data or financial data.

Not sure about your move from excel to an AMS? Here are 4 reasons why

Association Management Software: Why?

Think about your association’s goals. You’d probably like to grow your membership, increase the bottom line and create great member experiences, right? An AMS has all the tools you need to achieve those goals, all in one location. There are many groups that use multiple platforms like MailChimp, Eventbrite, Excel, Quickbooks and more, to manage their association. And while it may work for them, it leaves little time for administrators to focus on the member experience.

An AMS is a time saver. It helps eliminate manual tasks and automates important workflows like dues invoicing. Instead of hiring an admin assistant, think of your AMS as a robot assistant. And if you don’t think you can afford an AMS system, consider how much it would cost to hire an assistant.

Association management software can be complex. The market is always expanding, meaning it’s harder to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you are searching for an AMS, consider your own needs first and use that information to eliminate systems that won’t work. Ask questions and research.

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