High productivity is essential for busy association managers. As we dive into 2018, we’re rounding up our favorite productivity hacks so you can accomplish all you’ve set your mind to in the New Year. We’re talking goals, to-do lists, apps, and more.

Before we discuss the technology that can support your work, it’s vital to determine your goals. Keep reading to see how we set our own goals.

Be analytical, intentional, and realistic about your goals

Before you set your 2018 goals, look back on 2017 analytics. What numbers stood out to you? Instead of choosing vague objectives with ambiguous details, assess your numbers and let them guide you to an appropriate, specific goal.

Aside from the numerical guidance, be extremely intentional about your goal. Intention could mean revisiting progress every week, scheduling a specific time in your calendar to work towards that goal, and determining a deadline that fits realistically in your workload.

Remove the clutter

Before you start planning your work, take some time to remove clutter – physically and mentally. Clean up your desk, wipe down your keyboard, organize files, and let go of things you didn’t achieve in 2017. Maybe those goals aren’t relevant anymore or they weren’t realistic in the first place. Regardless, give yourself a break and move forward with a clear, positive mindset.

Create to-do lists

Now that you’ve got specific, intentional goals, and a clean slate, it’s time to create a to-do list.

I am a fan of the traditional pen and paper method, but if you prefer all things digital, there are endless apps for you to choose from. One of my favorites is called To-doist – it’s interface is clean and simple. Categorize your to-dos with color coated folders for work, personal, etc. Plus, add it to your chrome bar for easy access.

Another to-do tool that we use frequently at the AMO HQ is Trello. It’s great for cross-department work and comes with a calendar function so you can see what’s coming up.

Our favorite productivity apps

There are other ways to let technology lend a hand. Our parent company, ArcStone, wrote an interesting article this past year on all our favorite productivity apps. Check it out here >> Best Productivity Work Apps

What are your best productivity hacks?

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