Yesterday we shared a post on ways to boost your association’s membership sales just in time for Spring. If you missed it, check it out here. A new season is right around the corner and with a new season comes big events, new member initiatives, new team goals and a whole realm of possibilities for your association. How will you succeed¬†this quarter? To help reinvigorate those New Years resolutions and push your group to the next level, we wanted to share this interesting infographic from Weekdone,¬†that highlights “9 unique traits” of the highest performing teams. Besides great member programs, excellent content, and engaging digital presence, your association’s staff can really make or break your overall success (or failure). As you gear up for the next few months, think about the traits below and if your team is up to par. If not, maybe it’s time to restructure or rehire.

Image Credit: Weekdone

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