Congrats! You’ve organized your database, configured your backend settings and finished your website. Now it’s time to share all of your hard work with members.

Introducing a new system to members is exciting but can also pose some problems if you’re not prepared. We all know those members who resist change and may be overwhelmed by your new site. Turn their trepidation into excitement by providing resources and highlighting all the great features they now have access to.

Welcome Message

Here at AMO, we always advise association managers to send out a welcome email to their members. In this message, you can share your excitement and information to log in to the member portal. Attach members’ usernames as well. Besides crafting a fun message to get members excited, attach a document that lays out new features. See some features to include in your document below:

New Member Portal Features –

  • Access your account to make updates to your profile including contact information, biography, and picture
  • Register for events and pay online
  • Look up past event attendance and download C.E. certificates
  • Use the member directory to look up colleagues or network with someone in the industry
  • Pay membership fees online
  • Check out the member only photo gallery and document center
  • Look up committee information

Be sure to outline the most important modules but don’t overwhelm them with too much new information. Let them take it for a test spin themselves. See how the platform holds up against your member’s interactions.

Educate Members

If there’s a particular tool in the member portal that you foresee members struggling with, offer a free class or webinar on that topic. As you plan your lesson, consider the member’s journey through your site. What specific areas will cause friction? And how can you prevent their frustration?  Develop an outline that’s specific and easy to follow.

Think about your journey as an admin. What did you struggle with when you first started using the system? New software is challenging for even the most tech-savvy people so be sure to step back and start from square one with your members.

Website Feedback

After you’ve successfully launched your site and given members a few weeks to explore, collect feedback. Using the survey tool, ask them their initial thoughts.

  • Is the system is easy to use?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What don’t you like?
  • What’s missing?

Keep your survey short. Entice members to fill it out by offering a special gift like a free ticket to your next event or early access to special resources. Once you’ve collected their feedback, assess their answers and determine what improvements need to be made.

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