The holiday season is coming to a close. 2018 is just days away and it’s time to review all that you’ve accomplished in 2017. Not only is a year-end review a smart way to strategize for the future, but it’s also a perfect opportunity remind your members why they joined. Touch on the benefits they’ve received and how your work improved their professional lives and community.

To help you capture their attention, we’ve compiled a few different ways to share your year-end summary.

Digital Newsletter

One of the most popular ways to share association news is through a newsletter. This tried and true tactic works well for associations. The newsletter layout enables you to easily share snippets of each area of your group so you can efficiently summarize past events, share photos, feature member spotlights, and advertise sponsorship opportunities all in one outreach.  Just be sure to balance your text with enough white space, powerful images, and intriguing calls-to-action.

Check out this example from General Assembly. They immediately draw readers in with an engaging photo and event invitation. Further down, they highlight other interesting happenings at GA and show members how to get involved.

Image Credit: General Assembly

Blog Post

Another way to easily share your year-end review is through a blog post. Blog posts drive website traffic (psst see how our parent company quadrupled web traffic in 2 years from blogging) and facilitate engagement with members. Plus, unlike a newsletter, blog posts can be longer. If you have a lot to share or need more room for explanation, a blog post may be the way to go.

Keep an eye out for our 2017 recap coming soon to the AMO blog!


Video production can be tricky and expensive if you’re not careful – but, it can also be a great way to showcase your accomplishments. Video content is easy to absorb and is now one of the most popular content marketing choices. If you don’t have a videographer on staff, research online video applications to help. Or, reach out to your community and ask for local videographer vendors.

Check out this example from Associations North. The video clearly shows why members love their association and why they feel it’s important to support it.


Now that you know how to share, what kind of content should you share?

When you start looking back on all you’ve accomplished in the past year, it can be challenging to know exactly what you should share. How do you consolidate 365 days into one small newsletter, blog post, or video?

Sit down with your team and flesh out the most important moments of 2017. Think about the stories that resonate with members and ways in which your outreach can inspire others to join. As tempting as it is to share your own favorite memories, reach out to members and ask their input. Did they attend a memorable event? Or take the next step in their career because of professional connection made by your association? Those interactions are why you do what you do.

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