Every day, we meet association managers struggling to run their group with optimal efficiency. Many of you are responsible for finances, events, membership retention and acquisition, website copy, communication, and more. Your budget is tight. Staff members are usually under 5. Sounds stressful, right?

Our job at AMO is to make your life simpler. We created our software to not only help you run your group with ease but to also save you time and money. We understand the common issues manager face and want to help.

Below, we’ll break down the top problems we see and how an AMS like AMO can solve them.

Clean, Updated Database

Believe it or not, many associations are still using spreadsheets to manage their data. That means every time a member joins, they have to take the information filled out on the paper application and manually add it to the spreadsheet. If a member needs to make updates to their account, a staff member has to pull up the list, edit the information and make sure that new data is updated across the board. This arduous process takes time and can cause managers to make mistakes. Members can easily fall through the cracks or have incorrect data connected to their account.

Utilizing an AMS can help ensure data is organized and updated in each module. Most membership databases allow for custom fields too so you can categorize members based on industry, profession, interests and more. By dynamically updating, you’ll never lose data or worry about inconsistent information.

Power to the People

If your association lacks a membership portal, you’re missing out on a significant time saver. By constantly updating profiles, registering members for events, and worrying about finances, you’ll have no time to create awesome member experiences.

An AMS with a member portal gives your people the power to control and update their data. It allows them to access important documents, a member directory, job board, pay for the membership dues and register for events, all without you lifting a finger. Not only will they appreciate the flexibility of the system, but you’ll save time too.

Association Finances

One of the most important components of your association is your finances. Without an organized checkbook, the health of your association is at risk. We see many admins who manually process dues or generates one-off invoices for each member type. With so much volume, it’s easy to accidentally let payments fall through the cracks. That means members who haven’t paid their dues and are past their renewal date are still accessing the portal and receiving member benefits.

To increase association revenue and track expired members, check out the financial management features on an AMS. Most typically include a system that automatically notifies members when they need to renew and shuts off their membership when they haven’t paid. It also allows members to log in and pay their membership fees. We’ve seen many groups double their yearly revenue just by using our platform.

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