If you’re a typical association, you probably have a small staff, a long list of responsibilities and not enough time to accomplish it all. You’re in charge of sending out dues invoices, updating your member database, configuring event registrations, communicating with members… the list continues. Many association managers could benefit from another staffer.

What if you could get assistance and even automate tasks without hiring another employee? Cue association management software (AMS).

An AMS platform consolidates all of your management tools in one location and enables you to accomplish more in less time. Some of the tools in an AMS are automated. These tools are the serious time savers. Let’s showcase a few important ones you can implement today.

1. Remind Members to Pay: Automatic Dues Notification Campaign

Many AMS systems come equipped with an automatic dues email campaign. Remind your members it’s time to pay with this targeted email workflow. Create and attach a PDF invoice so members know exactly what they owe. You can even configure a workflow that reminds members multiples times.

By allowing the system to take charge of membership renewals, you can focus on other admin tasks like member recruitment and member engagement.

2. Power to the Member: Account Updates

While this isn’t necessarily an automated tool, it does save admins time. Members records are constantly changing. Instead of facilitating those changes, give power to your members. Configure a module in the member portal where members can edit their information. Now your records are up to date and you’ve avoided tedious manual work.

3. How Engaged Are Members: Event History

Some systems automatically track event registrations on a members profile. Use this automated tracking to note how engaged your members are in your events. Look back on last years events – did they attend over half? Or has it been awhile since they’ve engaged? Use this information to gauge your next step. If they seem distant from the organization, create a campaign around re-engagement.

4. Keep Members Informed: Uploads to Document Center

Don’t let members miss out on new documents you’ve added to the resource library. Instead of drafting a message everytime there’s an upload, set up a general email that automatically pings users. Make sure you give members the option to opt-in or out too.



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