You’ve worked hard over the last few months to convince a prospect to sign up for a membership. They’ve finally signed on the dotted line and made their first year’s payment – hooray! Now what? The work has only just begun.

The onboarding process is one of the most important parts of the new member workflow. Get them engaged from the getgo and the probability of their longevity with your association increase greatly. The first step in this entire process is the welcome email. Extend a warm welcome through a thoughtful message that is extremely personalized and informational. Make sure they know how to log in, how to get involved, and all the benefits they receive as a member. Take it a step further and introduce them to a seasoned member of your group. However you do it, just be sure the new member feels acknowledged, cared for, and included.

To help make your welcome email increase engagement and membership longevity, take a few tips from Kissmetrics in the infographic below.

member welcome emails

Image Credit: Kissmetrics

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