Welcome to November’s Wednesday Roundup! This month we’re focusing on member engagement. Member engagement is the metric that keeps your association afloat. A solid recruitment strategy is great, but it doesn’t mean much if members aren’t engaged. Because if they aren’t engaged, they probably won’t stick around, bringing you right back to square one. To help combat member inactivity, we came up with a list of 6 easy ways to engage with members or make it easier for them to interact with the system. Check it out!

1. Social Media Channels

Post frequently on your social media platforms. Share information about upcoming events, new members, exciting initiatives, or a new board member. Even if you’ve posted the information on your site, remember that not everyone navigates to your site every day but most people check their social media accounts every day.

2. Offer Prizes

Everyone loves free stuff. Create a challenge to see who can invite the most guests to your next conference or get the most shares on an association post. Award the top 3 winners with a gift card, discounts on sponsorships, or make a donation in their name. Generate a buzz around competition time to get people excited and involved.

3. Member Polls

Collect feedback from members on events, membership benefits and more with a customized poll. Polls are short, easy and to the point. Maybe members don’t have time to fill out a 10-minute survey, but a 15-second poll? It’s more doable. Display it in the member portal near announcements┬áso it’s visible. Fire off a quick message to members to let them know it’s there.

4. Referral Program

Get free advertising and grow your membership with a member referral program. Keep it simple by offering both the referee and referer the same gift. Not sure what to give away? Here are 74 of the best referral programs.

5. Frequent Newsletter

Send out association wide newsletters to update members on what’s coming up and how they can get involved. If it’s appropriate, send a digital copy so members can interact with the document. Add CTA’s for event registration, access to special documents or a link to the member portal so they can interact with others.

6. Discussion Board

Encourage members to communicate with one another in the member portal. Post discussion questions or ask members for feedback on an initiave. Download comments at the end of each week and send a recap to members.

Is your group struggling to engage with members? Is your renewal rate low? Try a few of these tactics and see if it changes your results.

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