Here at AMO, we talk a lot about member happiness. Specifically, how members’ engagement affects growth, retention rates, and the overall health of your association. While it’s easy to feel like members are happy or think that the wellbeing of your association is in good standing, you never really know unless you measure. To help you accurately measure your member success rates, we’re sharing an infographic from Tagove, a live chat software company that helps brands communicate with their customers online.

In the graphic below, Tagove displays equations like the Net Promoter Score, which rates the likelihood of the customer sharing your company with a friend or colleague. They also review the CSAT or the Customer Satisfaction Score, which simply rates a customers experience on a scale 1 to 5. Each metric displayed in the infographic highlights a different area of customer success, all together representing the ultimate customer experience.

Review each equation and consider your own members. How would they score their own experience in your association? If you’re not sure or you haven’t surveyed your members with these specific benchmarks, it may be time to give it a try.

Image Credit: Tagove

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