We talk a lot about events here on the Association Insider. Why? Because events are an essential component to your bottom line. Events likely generate the largest source of non-dues revenue for your organization and help your members feel connected to you and each other. A successful event starts with the promotion. Even if you’ve planned what you think to be the best event in your association’s history, it will be deemed a failure if no one shows up. And a poorly attended event will cost you more money than you think.

To avoid a financial disaster, we advise heavily promoting your event online beforehand. This means email marketing, social media, blogging, and more. But instead of sharing our own tips and tricks in writing, we’re sharing this helpful infographic from Event Brite + DataHero to take your events from 0 to 100. This infographic was originally found on HubSpot.

promote event online

Image Source: HubSpot, DataHero, Eventbrite