Events are a great way to generate non-dues revenue. They’re also a perfect opportunity to engage with your members, share helpful content, and hopefully persuade new members to join.

However, no matter the amount of planning, something small is bound to go wrong at your event. Instead of letting these moments ruin your hard work, do your best to prepare for them and roll with the punches when they do occur. Check out these 5 ways to prep for your next event to set yourself up for success.

Walk Through Scenarios

Walk through the event hour by hour – what needs to happen to guarantee success? Where are the holes in your plan? Think through potential problems and take action prior to the big day. Make sure your entire team is on the same page.

Send Confirmation Emails

This may be a no-brainer, but set up automatic emails that confirm an attendees registration and sends them a copy of their ticket. Send another notification closer to the event date to remind attendees and provide instructions on parking, event activities, any other information they need to know. This helps your event run smoothly and prevent any preliminary confusion.

Analyze Event Metrics

Closely keep track of metrics to help prepare for numerical items like chairs, lunches, nametags and more. Be sure to count for guests of members, sponsors, vendors and other non-member attendees so your overall numbers are accurate.

Event Space

You probably booked your event space before you had an exact attendee count. While you could estimate the size of a space, double check that you’re not going over capacity limits. And if you are, make arrangements ahead of time to change rooms and notify members.

Ticket Insurance

Similar to booking a plane ticket or vacation rental, allow members an insurance plan for their purchase in case things go array. Charge a small fee that ensures their money back if event plans change.

What are some ways you prep for an event? AMO has a robust event module that allows you to easily message users, pull reports and collect payments. Try a 30-day free trial here: AMO free trial

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