Yesterday we wrote a post on protecting event attendees investments by confirming their purchases, prepping for unforeseen obstacles, and checking to ensure your event space is large enough for the number of attendees. Today we’re going to dive further into event venues. Specifically, how and why to choose specific spaces and locations.

Layout the Preliminary Details

Before you start your search, you need to define key variables.

  • Size / Number of Attendees
  • Budget
  • Desired Timeline
  • Type of Event

These metrics will help you quickly weed out places that won’t work and ones that have more potential. Compile a list of 3 to 5 venues and hash out the details with your team. Which venue makes the most sense that fits within your budget and can accommodate the number of attendees? After selecting a few, schedule a tour with the event planner of each facility.

Ambiance of Event

Event ambiance can vary from venue to venue. Think about the type of event your hosting. A trade show makes more sense in a convention center whereas an upscale gala is probably more appropriate in a nice ballroom. Consider lighting, seating and overall ambiance in relation to your event type when choosing a space.

Add-on Costs

There’s probably an upfront fee to reserve the space but double check if the facility has add-on charges. Do they provide an A/V system? Can you rent chairs, tables or booths? Compile a list of all the additional items you need and see what the venue can provide for you.

Setup Times

If you’re hosting a 2-day show, be sure to consider set up and takedown time. You may need to reserve extra time on the front or back end. Keep this in mind when planning around a specific budget and timeline.


It’s important that all your guest feel comfortable in the chosen event space. Accomdiate all attendees, specifically those with disabilities. Not sure if your space is accessible? Check out AAUW’s guidelines here.


Depending on your audience and size of event, a location can make or break attendance numbers. Any big city will likely draw good numbers but if your event is hosted in a geographically undesirable area, drawing event attendees may be challenging. Even if it means shelling out a little more cash on the front end, try your best to choose a location that works for a majority of your audience.

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