Events are a huge part of a successful membership strategy. Events help members connect and grow together as professionals. They also help show prospects the value of your membership. Throwing a successful event comes down to good attendee numbers, communication, and execution. Today we’re focusing on the second component – communication.

Communicating with attendees before, during and after an event is key. But how many messages do you actually need to send? And through what medium? The answers can vary depending on your audience and the type of event you’re hosting. To help hash out the details, let’s walk through an example together.

How Frequently You Need to Communicate with Members: The Before

Imagine you’re hosting a 2-day trade show. You have 500 attendees, multiple vendors, and sponsors. To effectively communicate with all participants, it’s important to segment your list into verticals.

For attendees: In the weeks leading up to your trade show, send 2-3 emails teasing special activities, workshops or speakers. If you have many out of towners, provide a city guide to the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Increase engagement with multiple social media posts as well.

For vendors: Vendors pay the big bucks to make an impression on your attendees. Make sure they have all the details regarding location, timeline, and setup. To best prep vendors, provide a guide kit in the first email. Then, instead of pulling up their email to access details, they can reference their specially crafted kit.

For sponsors: Show your sponsors that their investment was worth it. Before the event, give them a preview of where their logo will show up or give them stats to last years sponsor success.

How Frequently You Need to Communicate with Members: During

For Attendees: If you’re really on the ball, you can communicate with members through an event app. Many event apps allow you to send push notifications to attendees. This can be really helpful if details change in the agenda and you need to inform attendees.

Did you hear about our recent product update? We recently developed a membership app for The Bourbon Society of Louisville. With this framework in place, we’re also working on an event app of our own.

For vendors: Though most vendors will be busy networking with attendees during your event, encourage them to attend breakout sessions, workshops and educational seminars with other attendees. Their participation not only helps inform them of association trends but also shows potential customers that they care. Send reminders through an app or email.

For sponsors: Similar to vendors, encourage sponsors to participate in the days’ activities. Engaging with attendees also increases their visibility.

How Frequently You Need to Communicate with Members: After

One of the most important times to communicate with all attendees, vendors, and sponsors is directly after the event. Post-event is the optimal time to collect feedback. Use your event app to push out a survey that pings users as they’re leaving the event facility. Configure a short survey where members can rate their experience, likelihood of returning the next year and any comments, critiques or questions they have.

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