Events are a great way for members connect, share and grow as professionals. They help facilitate discussion and create community within your association. Not only do members expect events but it’s likely one of the reasons they were drawn to your group in the first place.

Non-Dues Revenue

As an association manager, events are also a way to generate non-dues revenue. You can charge for basic registration, workshops, luncheons, seminars, webinars and more. Create incentive by configuring early bird pricing or awarding the first 20 members who sign up. There are many ways to structure your registration forms to generate more revenue and offer more to your members.

Let’s walk through a few of those ideas below.

Early Bird Pricing

Entice members to sign up by offering special discounted pricing for early sign-up. Limit the spots available. Advertise the special offer through an email campaign and the website. If you’re using an AMS, take advantage of the date range capabilities.  Configure two forms – one with the early bird pricing and the second with regular registration pricing. That way, once the early bird date range expires, the regular form will automatically take its place. See how the Dermatology and Dermatopathology Conference advertises their special in the ad below.

event registration increase non-dues revenue

Okay, so maybe you don’t have to go as far as adding an image of the bird but you get the idea. Show members how much they’ll save by registering now!

Small Add-Ons

If your associaiton is hosting an all-day conference, considering providing lunch. Keep things relatively cheap by setting up a buffet or simple appetizers. Then charge a small fee to members who would like lunch. If the fee is reasonable, most members will likely sign up out of convenience.

Offer Educational Credits

Offer members C.E. credits with educational courses at your event for an extra cost. If your industry requires professionals to meet a number of continuing ed hours (which most do), members will appreciate the educational offering. AMO’s event module allows you to generate certificates that will automatically be sent to members after the event. They can also reference that document in their member profile in the member portal. Wanna see it for yourself? Try out AMO for free with our 30 day trial!

Or get a sneak peek in the image below.

event registration increase non-dues revenue

Advertise Your Membership During Registration

Though this tip isn’t technically a way to generate non-dues revenue, it is a good tactic to use during registration. If a non-member is registering for your event, entice them with member only pricing and prompt them to create a profile. Many associations using AMO see spikes in memberships at the event during non-member registration.

Without an AMS to track attendees, registration, finances and more, successfully running an event can be challenging. An AMS like AMO will keep you organized and take your non-dues revenue stream to the next level. Schedule a demo today!


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