Loyal members are invaluable to your association. Their loyalty increases engagement, ensures financial support and strengthens your membership. SumAll, a social analytics platform says that “25% to 40% of the total revenues … come from returning customers,”. If you can establish a base of loyal members year after year, the renewal season won’t be as stressful. Their monetary commitment also solidifies yearly revenue predictions which can help when choosing future initiatives and programs.

So how do you create loyal members? We’ve laid out 4 steps to get you started.

Feature Your Members

Share a list of new members on your homepage or feature longtime members with a recent accomplishment. If it’s okay with them, display their photo too. Show them how much you appreciate their membership and engagement with your group. Not only does this recognition make them feel special but it will probably increase the probability of a referral.

If you have an engaged following on social media, post there too. Your social platforms are a great place to share photos and quick stories.

Reward Members with Unexpected Gifts

Membership anniversaries are a great time to send gifts; but what may be even better is sending something when they least expect it. Keep tabs on your active members – have they accomplished something significant in the past month? Have they done something notable in the community? Send a note of congrats and a small gift to show that you care. Personalize the gift as much as you can and they’ll likely share it with family, friends and maybe even on their own social media accounts.

Show Them That You Care About Their Ideas

As an association leader, you should always be striving for improvement and growth. We all know this work takes a village. When you’re strategizing ideas for the next year, make sure you get insight from members too. They’ll appreciate you asking and may have ideas you didn’t think of.

Before you push forward on a set of enhancements, take a poll. What’s important to members? What takes priority? Leave an area for members to suggest their own ideas. If you use their idea, give them credit. Acknowledging their innovation will likely inspire them to get more involved.

Always Be Helpful

Whether a member needs help registering for an event or paying for membership, make sure you’re there to help them every step of the way. Go above and beyond with your customer experience. It won’t go unnoticed.

Remember, loyal members are hugely beneficial to your group. Put forth the extra effort to make them feel special.

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