On Wednesday we shared a post on the top social media trends of 2018. If you missed it, check it out here. Continuing our theme of “trends to watch”, today we’re sharing an infographic from HubSpot on the “Top Marketing Design Trends for 2018”. Their report comes from Shutterstock, a stock image company. Storing over 170 million images, Shutterstock “synthesiz[es] and analyz[es]… billions of searches for visual content” each day (HubSpot).

Over the past year, the data collected from these searches resulted in a series of interesting trends. The top three you ask? Fantasy, new minimalism, and space. Think about ways these designs can weave their way into your strategies for 2018. How can they resonate with members?

To read the full infographic, head to Shutterstock’s blog here: 2018 Creative Trends

marketing design trends 2018

Image Credit: Shutterstock