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"We have been using ĀMO since 2004 and have been really pleased with its simplicity, flexibility, and integrated features."
Pam Hart - Executive Director Missouri Land Title Association
500+ Members


"I launched 2 association sites up from start to finish in 5 weeks. We now have nine of our clients using ĀMO. The site is very user friendly and their customer service has been outstanding!"
Lisa Beard - President M3 Solutions, LLC
9 clients using ĀMO


"ĀMO provided my not-for-profit organization an easy to use database and website...sort of an all-in-one system. I am able to handle the administrative duties of the website myself. If I do have questions, which is very rare because my system is so user friendly, I always get a quick response."
Laura Quinto - Community Manager Suncoast Chapter of CAI
900+ Members

Membership Management All of your membership information stored in one place.

Easily look up & update members

View all of your contacts, prospects, members, and past members in one place. Easily sort your contacts by category, member type, or custom attributes. Update users on the fly for live updates across the entire platform.

Assign contacts to an organization

Sync contacts with their organization and allow them to manage other contacts for the organization. Provide member access for individuals of a member organization. Assign primary contacts to help manage the organization's membership.

Track all of your custom fields

Add as many custom fields as you need to track all of your member information. Add new fields to the member applications to customize them to your needs. Run reports and filter email lists based on these custom fields, too!

Generate & download reports quickly

Use our library of reports to export all of the data that you need on members, dues invoicing, transactions, and more. Preview a report online or download the spreadsheet to work with the information in more detail.

Integrated Website Builder An easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website and member portal

Integrated Website Builder for Membership Management

Website Builder

Use our site builder to create your website and members-only content pages. You can add as many pages as you'd like, and you have full editing access to all of your content. Our website template offers large content areas where you can add columns to create your own layout.

Website Builder for Associations

Member Portal Self Service

Give your members a secure place to communicate with each other, update their accounts, renew their membership, register for events, view job boards, and so much more. Better yet, your members can enjoy all of these features conveniently on their phones!

Membership Portal

Online Communities & Groups

Create groups that feature topical discussions for your members to interact and create relationships. You can also make these groups private for use on internal projects or committee work. Each group has its own discussions, calendar, document sharing, and messaging.

Online Communities for Associations

Document Storage & Sharing

Upload documents to share with your constituents as a perk of their membership. You can notify your membership when you share a new document, if you'd like. These documents can also be saved in a place that is only accessible to board members.

Document Storage for Associations

Sell products in the online store

Have research, reports, or some branded items to sell to members? Do so in the online store. You can categorize the products and offer members special pricing. Track the orders to make sure they all get fulfilled to keep your customers happy.

Online Stores for Associations

Create photo galleries

Keep your members engaged even when they miss the big event, by posting your photo to galleries on your website or in the member portal. Add all of the photos you need without any storage limitations.

Photo Galleries for Association Members

Communication and Engagement Keep your members in the loop and receive feedback from them.

Newsletters & E-mail

Use our email builder to create templates and send newsletters to your contacts. Filter your lists and create segments by sorting your database using any of the information that you track. This way, you'll be able to send very targeted messages to your contacts based on custom criteria.

Newsletter & Email Management for Associations

Conduct Surveys

Get feedback and information from your membership and contacts by sending out surveys. These could be used to follow up on your latest event or to get industry information like median salaries. Surveys can also be used to conduct nominations and elections for the board.

Member Surveys for Associations

Dues and Automated Renewals Members can pay for their renewals online.

Member Dues Management for Associations

Multiple member types

Create a type for each membership that you offer. You can run reports on this information and send out newsletters or emails based on these types as well. Connect member types with membership dues to automatically update member records as renewals take place.

Multiple Member Types for Associations

Flat rate & calculated dues

You'll be able to set up basic dues structures for flat rates and create tiered dues structures. Maybe your rates fluctuate based on the annual revenue of a member company or the age of an individual member for purchasing a lifetime membership.

Dues Management for Associations

Send renewal notices automatically

Automatic renewal notices can be sent directly from AMO to save time and increase consistency during renewals. Schedule renewal notices ahead of time to follow up with past-due members. Allow a grace period for a period of time and automatically remove expired member's access.

Renewal Notices for Associations

Track expirations and unpaid invoices

You'll receive notifications when renewal invoices run, so you can see who is up for renewal or who you've removed membership access for. Use our dues invoice reports to see who has paid, who hasn't and how much each person owes. This will provide you with more detailed information for follow up.

Invoice Management for Associations

Events and Online Registrations From start to finish—create, publish, and manage your event.

Accept registrations online

Taking online registrations in ĀMO allows you to keep all of your event management in one place. Registrants can pay online, by check, or by cash on-site (if you give them the option). Easily sync registrations to your members' records in the database to keep everything up to date.

Set up multiple registration options

Add a simple registration field with one price, or create multiple registration options while offering member pricing and non-member pricing. You can decide when these options should be available. Control early-bird and late pricing based on date ranges you specify.

Register multiple people

ĀMO allows your registrants to add multiple people at a time, in order to create a registration group. This way, one person can register for a whole office, or a spouse's registration information can stay connected with the member's registration it belongs with.

Event registration reports

ĀMO offers many event-specific reports, from attendee lists to financial reports, on each of your registration options. Need to make labels or export your list to run a mail merge? We have a report for that and a badge & label maker built into ĀMO.

Discount codes and volume discounts

Create price breaks for groups that are registering multiple people at once to encourage more company involvement. You can also create discount codes and distribute them to a targeted list using your email messaging filters.

Financial Details & Reports Financial reports you can trust.

Online payment processing

You can take online payments using PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe or one of our other payment processing partners. We automatically send a confirmation email with a receipt for all online payments. If you offer invoicing as a payment method, we'll issue the invoice for you too!

Financial reporting

Easily track the flow of money through ĀMO using our financial reports. You can get a global view of all payments taken and segment them by revenue type. Use our Dues Invoice Report to see who's been invoiced and who still needs to pay his or her membership renewals.

Drive Non-Dues Revenue An easy to use mobile-friendly website and member portal

Sell website banner ads

Offer more ways for your sponsors to have exposure to your members and website visitors. Include a banner ad in their sponsorship program. Easily track how many times their ads are shown and how many clicks they've received. You can also adjust how often they should rotate.

Offer job board postings

ĀMO's job board lets you leverage your market to charge for postings. You can also allow members to post for free or at a discount. You can allow for instant posting of a job, or you can require that a job is approved before being posted to the website.

Tracking donations

Set up multiple donation funds and track the progress towards your goal! Track your donors to see who contributed, when, and how much. You can also see if and how they wish to be recognized.

Sponsorship management

Create different sponsorship programs that include various perks. This could include a logo or a banner ad (sponsors will be prompted to upload them when signing up)! You'll also be able to determine how long these sponsorships will last in the details of each program.

That's all very nice, but can ĀMO…?

  • Can I take online payments? yes
  • Can I process event registration online yup!
  • Can I automate dues renewals? yeah
  • Can I send out newsletters? yes
  • Can I manage email lists? yes

But how much is it?

ĀMO's plans are based on the number of contacts (not just members) you want to keep in your database. All of AMO's features are included in each monthly plan.

Plans start at $95/month, contact us for more information



All levels include unlimited email support and unlimited user accounts Every subscription includes one data migration  

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