Set up Registration Discounts and Penalties

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Registration Options

You can create discounts for early registration or even penalty pricing for late comers, using the Valid From and Valid To fields in the Activities area.

For example, let’s split the Registration into three parts—an Early Bird price for the first week, Normal Price for the next two weeks, and finally a Penalty price for the last couple of days before the Event.


  • Our example Event is May 1, normally for $100.
  • April 1-5, we’ll give a $10 discount.
  • April 6-26 is our normal $100 charge.
  • April 27-30 is our penalty pricing of $125.


  1. First setup the Normal Registration Activity, with pricing of $100, Valid From: 4/6/2015, Valid To: 4/26/2015.
  2. Save that activity and go back to the list of Activities that are in place.  Click the “Copy” button to the right twice, to make two copies of the registration activity you just created.
  3. Update the first copy by changing its name to “Early Bird Registration”, change the price to $90 and change the Valid From: 4/1/2015, Valid To: 4/5/2015, and save.
  4. Update the second copy by changing its name to “Late Registration”, change the price to $125, and change the Valid From: 4/27/2015, Valid To: 4/30/2015.


Activities only show up as an option during the Valid From/To dates, so people will only ever see one Registration option at any given time, based on the dates you’ve defined.