Set Up Dues Auto Pay

How To: Setup Dues Auto Pay

AMO has the ability to automatically charge your member’s credit card for their Dues Renewal invoices.

For the Auto Pay system to work properly, your Association must meet these requirements:

  • This feature only works with Stripe,, or CardConnect payment gateways.
  • Auto Pay will only work if the dues invoice has a set amount.  Auto Pay will not work for invoices that give members several options to choose from at renewal time; only one option with a defined price will work.
  • Members must opt-in to the Auto Pay feature in the Member Center, and a valid credit card must be entered into their account.
  • AMO will only attempt to Auto Pay invoices that were created that same day – the system will not go back and try to auto-charge old open invoices (including ones that might have been created “yesterday”).
  • Auto Pay won’t attempt to do anything if a card charge is declined, other than email the person. The member will need to login, and pay the invoice manually in this case, as well as update their card info for the next invoice.

In any scenario where AMO can’t determine an exact amount on the invoice, the process falls back to the default method of sending the member an invoice to pay manually in the Member Center.

Get Started:

The Auto Pay button is not enabled by default.  You must enable the feature first:

1. Navigate to Website Management >> Display Areas

2. Click “Add a Display Area”


3. Select “Auto Dues Renewal” in the drop down menu under “Select Display Area:”

4. Select an Icon for the button & Click Assign Display Area
*Custom icons are available for upload

5. Next, instruct your member to login and navigate to the newly created Auto Dues Renewal Button in the Member Center


6. Click the “Autopay Disabled” button to Enable Auto Pay.


7. Click “Add Credit Card”


8. Lastly, instruct your Member to add their information on this screen

*Please remember to read over the requirments regarding Auto Pay at the beginning of this article