Send Dues Invoice to Members

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How To: Send Dues Invoice to Memberss

You must first setup your Dues structure before sending invoices, please read Getting Started: Dues Management

Once you’ve set up your dues structure it’s time to send out an invoice to all members in your database so they can log in and pay the invoice.

  1. To do so, navigate to Dues Management >> Send Dues Invoices.


Send dues invoices


2. For this example, we will send an invoice to all individual members in our database on a specific date. If you click the arrows on the drop down menus above, you’d see other choices to filter your invoice information as well.

3. Click “continue”, AMO will give you different filter options: what member type will receive an invoice, what will be shown on the invoice for a particular member and the specific email message you’d like sent with the invoice.


dues invoices settings


4. Check the box “Create Invoice” to create the invoice for each member type.

5. Check “Create & Attach PDFs” if you’d like a PDF version to be attached to the email as well.

6. For “Dues Options For Invoice Payment” we generally want to select “Based on Member Type, if possible”, so each member only sees their specific member fees.

7. To include instructions to pay this invoice or provide additional details, you can create an email message using the email editor (see screenshot above)

8. You can choose to also have AMO create a communication record in the members profile when the invoice/email was sent. If, however, you do not want to send an email with the invoice, unselect the two check boxes above the email editor.

9. You can also choose to append a members username by checking the “append username to email message” to prompt them to log in and pay their dues.

As you continuing scrolling down the page, there is an option to exclude certain member types from this dues invoice.

For instance, if you wanted to send an invoice to everyone but a specific member type, you can select that member type and add it to the “exclude member type” list, as seen below with the individual silver member.


Exclude member types from dues invoice


10. Once you’ve selected/checked all necessary fields, click “Send Dues Invoices to This Group Now!” to send out your invoices.