Redirect the Homepage

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How To: Redirect Homepage

If you have a non-AMO hosted site and would like to have the AMO Site redirect to your main website, it’s simple to add a Javascript Redirect in AMO, please see below for a step by step guide.

1. Navigate to Website Management >> Javascript Code

2. Click the Green Plus Icon

3. The below screen will now appear, enter the information as below:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
window.location = “Insert URL Here”

*Replace the “Insert URL Here” with your website, ex.

4. Now that you have the Javascript Code added, you’ll need to add this to the AMO Homepage.
*You’ll need the ID # of the Javascript Code you added for the final step

5. Navigate to Website Management >> Webpages

6. Select the Homepage

7. Click the AMO Shortcode Button in the Toolbar of the Webpage

8. An AMO Shortcode Menu will appear, scroll down & click the Javascript Code: ~[[display_javascript_ID]]~

9. You’ll now see the code inserted in the top of the Homepage, replace the ID with the ID # from the Javascript Code you created under Website Management >> Javascript Code.

The AMO Site should now be redirecting properly.