Generate Course Certificates

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How to Generate Course Certificates

After members have completed a course, you have the option to generate certificates for each participant, detailing when the course was, what is was and how many hours or credits that participant received. To ensure that only the members that actually attended the course receive a newsletter, AMO offers a “checklist” tool so you can quickly generate certificates for those who have completed the course.

To Get Started:

1. Navigate to Event Management >> Events

2. Click the “Edit” Icon next to your Event to view the courses.

3. Navigate to the Courses Tab

4. Click the “Edit” Icon next to the course to reveal the list of individuals that have registered for your course.

5. Check the box next to the attendee & Click Update Course
These are the individuals you’ll want to “Check Off” to generate certificates for.

6. Click “Update Course”

7. Lastly, click “Create Certificates”