Dues Management

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Getting Started

Dues Management is a section in AMO where you can manage the dues — membership fees or charges. To locate this section in the AMO Platform, go to the left sidebar navigation and find “Dues Management” between Donation Management and Event Management.

In this section, you can:

  • Set up dues notifications
  • Add/Edit dues types
  • Adjust the grace period
  • Adjust membership application settings
  • Edit the payment messages
  • Set up when to send dues invoices

Helpful Terms and Examples

Dues Types

You may be asking, “What are dues types and how should I use them?” A “dues type” is essentially the membership fee associated with a specific member type. There are many ways dues can be configured in AMO with plenty of flexibility for your association.

Flat-Rate Dues

Flat-Rate Dues are used when there is a single price per member type.

Your Member Type could be setup as “Student” with a fee of $50.
You could then setup a Member Type as “Emeritus” with a fee of $250.

Quantity/Range-Based Dues

Quantity/Range-Based Dues are used when you need to set up pricing tiers based on a number.

Example 1
You might set up a simple tier system such as Producer Member, and have a simple custom field asking what tier (1, 2, 3, etc.) and you create a corresponding pricing rule for each of those tiers.

Example 2
An Organization Member Type might charge based on the number of pounds of product they sell. You can set a numeric custom field called “Pounds of Product,” and set up ranges to charge them based on the number of pounds.

Organizational Dues Type vs Individual Dues Type

There are a number of differences between an Organization and an Individual when it comes to how dues are associated.

Please examine the below diagram:

  • Individual Memberships have a set Paid-Thru Date individually for each contact.
  • Organizational Memberships have a Paid-Thru date with an Assigned Dues Contact for the organization.
  • The Paid-Thru Date is permeated for all individuals in an organization.

Dues Management How To’s

Click on the following links for How To’s with step-by-step instructions!

  • Add New Dues Types and Dues Details
  • Update Dues Types and Dues Details
  • Delete Existing Dues Types and Dues Details
  • Replicate Existing Dues Types