Donation Management

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Getting Started

Donation Management is a section in AMO that houses everything related to donors and fundraising. To locate this section in the AMO Platform, go to the left sidebar navigation and find “Donation Management” between Association Home and Dues Management.

In this section, you can:

  • Edit settings for a donation fund
  • Set up a goal for a fund
  • Set up the types of payment you accept
  • Add Custom message to receipts
  • Manage donations
  • Update a donor’s contact information

Brief Overview

Donation Funds

Depending on the terminology you use within your organization, it might make more sense to think of a donation fund as a fundraising campaign. Within the Donation Funds area, you can set a goal for the fund, set up the types of payments you accept, and add a custom message for the receipts.

General Information

This is where you will set all of the global settings for your donation funds. Here you will be able to add and edit the contents of your donation page, change the web address (URL) of that page, set up how you would like donor receipts to be formatted, and even choose someone within your organization to receive copies of all donation receipts. Keep in mind that most of these settings can be overridden on a fund by fund basis.

Manage Donations

Want to look up a donor’s giving history? Need to enter a donation from someone you talked to on the phone? Update a donor’s contact information? Manage Donations is where you can easily accomplish each of these common tasks.

Donation Management How To’s

Click on the following links for How To’s with step-by-step instructions!

  • Add a Donation Fund
  • Edit and Update a Donation Fund
  • Delete a Donation Fund
  • Create a Donation Record
  • Search Donation Records
  • Make a Donation