Customize the Display Areas

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How to Customize the Display Areas

The Display Areas are the modules shown to users when they are logged into the Member Center. You can add custom buttons that can link to special pages of your site or link out to other websites. You can adjust the titles of the standard Member Center Display areas as well.


Member Icons


Modifying Standard Display Areas

When you enter the Display Areas of the CMS tool, you will see the list of Display areas in alphabetical order or whatever your last adjusted them to. You can retitle the standard Display Areas by simply clicking in the title box and typing in a new name. You can also choose if you want the page that the button is linked to, to open a new window or to open in the one that that is currently being use. Make this change by using the Page Target drop-down menu.


Ordering Display Areas

You can drag and drop the different Display Areas into an order which you like best.


Adding Display Areas

You can add back display areas that you chose to delete or you can add new custom display areas. Start by clicking the “Add Display Area” button at the top. Use the drop down menu to select either a display area that you have previously removed or custom for adding your own display area link. Select an icon from the group available and click Add.

Your new display area has been added to the bottom of the list and here you can modify the settings and URL that it will link to.