Create Private Groups

Categories: How To | Member Management

You may already have your users participating in groups which have their own Discussion Boards, Broadcast Messaging, Calendars, and Shared Documents but now you can make the entire group private! This feature has been requested for internal staff purposes, ad hoc committees, and long standing ideation/brainstorming groups. See the instruction and photos below on how to use the new feature.


How to use Private Groups:
  • From the administrative panel navigate to the Groups area within the Member Management Module.
  • Create a new group or select and existing group from the list and update it and select the “Private Group” Checkbox.
  • Update the group by clicking “Update Group.” Selecting this option will hide the group from any users who are not granted access to it.


You still have the convenient functionality to assign group administrative rights to any member within the group. These administrators, as well as your existing account administrators, may add and/or remove users from the group. It will be displayed in the same way that other groups do for users who are granted access to them when they click the on the “Groups” module from the member center.