Create Priority Codes

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How To: Create Priority Codes

Priority codes can be created in the Event Activity Area to allow Event Attendees a discount or complimentary registration cost.

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Please see below for a step by step guide on creating a Priority Code.

1. Navigate to Event Management >> Events

2. Click the “Edit” Icon next to your Event

3. Click the Activities Tab >> Priority Code

4. Click the “Green” Plus Icon to create a new Priority Code

5. You’ll now see a screen to enter the details for the Priority Code

Priority Code:
A Code will automatically be generated, you can change this code by deleting and typing your own.

Discount Type:
Select either a Percentage Discount or a Dollar Discount

Discount Amount:
Enter a Discount Amount, depending on percentage or dollar amount

Maximum Uses:
You can enter a number for allowed uses, or leave this blank for unlimited uses.

6. Click Add Priority Code

Now when a member is registering for an Event, they can enter this Priority Code for the allotted Discount Amount.

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