Create and Add Forms

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Using the Forms feature, data can be collected from your website by creating an online form or a landing page.


Add a New Form
Creating a new form is similar to setting up a new survey. First, create the basic parts of the form and then create the questions and data fields.Click ‘Add a New Form’ to enter the following information for a form:

  • Form Title: An internal name for the form
  • Form Submission Notification Email Address: Enter the email to receive a notice that a form submission has been made.
  • Form Header: Enter the text your user should see at the top of the form.
  • Form Footer: Enter the text to appear at the bottom of the form.
  • Form Confirmation Page Message: Enter the text your user should see after submitting the form.

Click ‘Add Form’ to create a folder for this form.


Add Questions to Your Form

  • Click “Add a Form Question”
  • Type in your question
  • Select the type of answer the user should provide, text, multiple choice, single select, etc.
  • “Click Add Question”
  • Repeat steams 1-4 for all of the questions in your form.


Add a Form to Your Website

Create a blank page under the navigation menu where you would like the form to be and from the “Use This Form as a Webpage” drop-down menu select the form and click “Update Webpage”. Now this page will only display the form. The form will show in place of any of the webpage content that was added to that page.


Video Tutorial