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How To: Create an Event

Please first read these articles before proceeding:
Getting Started: Event Management
How To: Add Event Type

To Get Started:

To began creating your event, head to the Event Management >> Events.

1. Click the “Green Plus” Icon to create an Event.

2. Select to either create an event from scratch or duplicate an existing one. For this example we’ll start from scratch.

3. A screen will appear to enter additional information about the Event

Event Name:

Enter a name for the Event

Event Type:

Select an Event Type
*Please refer to this article: How To: Add Event Type

Calendar Color:

This will be displayed on your calendar of events and announcements if you are displaying one on your AMO site.

Event Location:

If you have a physical address, your attendees will be able to see a Google Map with directions.

Start/End Date:

If you are running a single day event, like my webinar, this will be the same day but if you have a multiple day conference, this would be a date range.

Choose Display Options:

Now you have a variety of options for displaying and the event on your site, displaying a registration link, location of the registration link, allowing member attendees to edit their names, etc. Take some time and think through these options and set them up.

You may want to display an event that is upcoming while not displaying the registration link for marketing purposes if you want to open the registrations until the very last minute or some other reason.

Select Billing Types:

Next, you need to choose which Billing Types you will accept and who you will accept them from. If you haven’t setup Billing Types, see the help section about them here.

Custom Registration Fields:

Sometimes you’ll need to receive specific information in the event registration so use these 5 fields for retrieving that information during registrations. You can make these fields required to fill out as well.

Add Event Description:

This description will be shown before the attendee reaches the registration form. It should provide a basic overview of the event and the benefits of attending.

Customize E-mail Message:

Create a message that your attendees will receive with their Receipt / Invoice after registration. This adds the personal touch and allows you to keep your brand presence intact through the whole process.

Add BCC E-mail:

If you have an internal email that should receive a copy of all of the registration invoices / receipts add it in this field.

Add Return Address:

This address is added to the receipts and invoices so that your attendees know where their payment was sent or needs to be sent to.


4. Click “Update General Information” to save your work.

Now that you have your event set up, you’ll want to add a “registration activity” so members can sign up and pay for your event.
*Please refer to this article: How To: Setup Event Registration


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Setup an event


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