Create a Survey

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How to Create a Survey

Creating a new survey is a two-step process.



Step One: Set Survey Settings

Add a new survey by clicking on the Add A New Survey link at the bottom of the list of current surveys.

  1. Enter a title for your survey.
  2. Select the type of survey you are creating —
    • Event: Event surveys can be linked to a specific event you’ve held.
    • Member: Member surveys are just for members.
    • Public: Public surveys are open to anyone, not just your members.
  3. Check/Uncheck the box to indicate whether you want the survey to be active or inactive.
  4. Select the date range you’d like the survey to be active (if applicable).
  5. Check whether you’d like the question numbers displayed on the survey.
  6. If you picked “Event” as the survey type, select the event the survey covers.
  7. If you picked “Member” select any member types you’d like to exclude from the survey by highlighting them in the left column and moving them over to the right column using the arrows in the middle of the two columns. (All member types are included by default.)
  8. Enter any content (text and images) you’d like to appear in the survey’s header. This is a great place to include any instructions or guidelines for filling out the survey.
  9. Enter any content (text and images) you’d like to appear in the survey’s footer. (Perhaps a thank you message or contact information.)
  10. Click Add Survey.



Step Two: Add Survey Questions

The next step is to add the questions to the survey you just created. Click Add A Survey Question.



Then fill out the fields on the subsequent form:

Question Number: This field auto-populates, but you can reorder your questions by changing the number here. Keep in mind that if you give a question the same number as an already existing question (like if you change Question #5 to Question #4 and there already is a Question #4), it will jump in front of the previously Question #4, the question numbers displayed on the actual survey itself will be correct, but in your list of questions in the Polls & Surveys area of the admin they will both be named Question #4.

Type of Question: Select from the drop down list the type of question you are entering. The choices are:

  • Radio Buttons (single selection): Chosen by default, this enables the survey-taker to choose only one of the available answers.
  • Checkboxes: The user can select multiple answers
  • Single Select Box (drop down list): This answer will take the form of a drop down list, from which users can only choose one.
  • Multiple Select Box (multiple selection): You can choose multiple answers from this drop down list by holding down the command key on a Mac or the control key on a PC while clicking on the answers.
  • Text Box (open question single line): Used for open-ended answers that are expected to be short
  • Text Area (open question multiple lines): Used for longer open-ended answers
  • Cumulative – Checkboxes (multiple selection with choice count): For this type of question, you can designate the number of choices you’d like the user to select (see #4)

Answers Displayed Per Line: The default for radio and checkbox questions is 3 per line. To change the defaults, enter a number here.

Total Choices: Used only for Cumulative – Checkbox type questions, indicate the number of answers you’d like the user to select.

Allow Under Selection: Used only for Cumulative – Checkbox type questions, check if you would like the user to select fewer answers than designated in the previous step.

Question Answers: Enter each answer as a separate option

Standard Response Options: These are a set of standard answers you can choose from to save time.

Add Question: Click to add the question and answers to the survey.

Repeat for each additional question.