Create a Banner Ad

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Creating a Banner Ad

Banner ads can be used on their own or with sponsorships. This how-to won’t focus on the sponsorships though; just how to create and manage banner ads.



Start by finding Banner Ads in the navigation under Website Management. From there you’ll want to click Add Banner Ad. From here you’ll be shows a the settings page for an add. You be asked to select a Banner Ad Type. You can place ads in your webpages using the Content Page type. This will allow you to embed a little code anywhere on the page. You can also places ads in the side bar using that ad type.



You’ll also need to provide a date range that these ads should be running for and if this ad should be Active (Just check the box and it’s ready for rotation!).

Provide the URL that the banner ad should go to when clicked by a user as well as a description so that you or someone on your team is able to see what the ad may have been intended for.

Next, upload your ad. We have recommended ad sized which you can see next to the Ad types at the top of the page.



Finally, provide the contact information for whoever it is that purchased the banner ad so you know who to follow up with when it comes time to renew the marketing plan! (This part is crucial for keeping campaigns running from year to year.)