Convert Individual Members to an Organization

Categories: How To | Member Management

You might have multiple people from an organization or company that have previously been paying as individual members. Perhaps their company has decided they would like to cover the cost of membership and make one payment for all employees. AMO can help you provide this type of membership! While this isn’t a change that members can make themselves, here are the steps you’ll need to take as an admin on the backend to make it happen.


Make the Organization A Member
  • Look up the organization in the database and select a member type from the drop down menu.
  • Choose a Paid Thru Date for the organization’s membership to expire on.
  • This will be the date when all of the individuals associated with this organization’s membership will also expire.
  • Check the Association Member box. This is what makes the membership active.
  • Click on the Contacts/Individuals Tab and choose one of the connected individuals to be a Primary Contact and one to be a Dues Contact. (They can be set to the same person if you’d like.)
  • Optional: Create an invoice under the Organization’s Dues tab if you need to create an invoice and take a payment.


Make the Individuals Inherit the Organization’s Membership
  • Look up the individuals in the database and make sure that they are connected to the organization using the Organization Drop down.
  • Remove the Paid Thru Date from the individuals record because their membership will be running on the organization’s date.
  • Make sure the Association Member box is checked. This gives your members the ability to login and inherit the organization’s membership.