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Our Integration with

It’s time to take some payments and it’s fast and secure with This will allow your members to pay by credit or debit card while making a payment through AMO. Whether it be for events, membership, the online store, a donation, or a generic invoice. Your members will never be taken over to the PayPal site but will stay on the same page as their registration. This creates a seamless checkout process. You can setup an account with by clicking here. offers a couple different options or payment gateway services. As far as AMO is concerned, they all work with us.


What you’ll need to know:

You’ll need your Login ID & Transaction Key. To get this information in your account, follow these steps:

  • Once you’ve logged into
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click API Login ID & Transaction Key
  • Answer the security question

In the AMO admin area under Financial Information -> Credit Card Settings, Select from the drop-down menu on the page and match up the fields this way:

  • AMO Field: Account Login = Field: API Login ID
  • AMO Field: Account Password = Field: Transaction Key

Once you’ve added in all of your values, click “Update Credit Card Settings” and you’re good to go!