Add Sponsorship Options to a Webpage

Add Sponsorship Options to your Webpage

To allow your users to purchase sponsorships from your AMO site, we will be using dynamic buttons in the website editor.

To start the process, navigate to Website Management >> Webpages and either create a new web page or determine which existing page you would like to display the sponsorship program options.

After you’ve created your page, go to the web editor and click on the “A” button which will list all of the dynamic inserts we have. Choose the item titled “Insert Sponsorship Button”. The functional insert text looks like this:


You can move the code around to display it where you’d like on the page. Lastly, click “Update Webpage” to save your work.

*Be sure that your sponsorship is set to “Active” so members can pay online. To do this, navigate to Sponsorship Management >> Sponsorship Types and click to edit the specified sponsorship. For more information on setting up sponsorships, please see this article.*