To add an image click the “Add Slider Image” button. Upload your image using the “Browse” button and provide a display order in which this image will be shown on the slider. Add a label if you would like. Now we’re ready to add the slider to a webpage. 

Adding a Slider to a Webpage

At the top of the slider settings page, you can see a number below “Slider ID” this is the slider’s number that we will use to add it to a webpage. Navigate to the page you would like to add this slider to. In the functional inserts library you will scroll down to “Insert Slider”. You will see the following text:


Replace the letters “id” with the Slider ID number that was provided on the slider settings page. If our Slider ID was 54, then the text in the functional insert would read:


Now that you have added the functional insert and the appropriate ID number, update your webpage and view it. You can made adjustments to the settings and now see how it will look by refreshing the webpage.