Add JavaScript Code

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Adding JavaScript Code

You have the ability to add Javascript code snippets to your website, which is an easy way to add extra functionality to your site. It is commonly used to insert features like Facebook “Like” buttons or live Twitter feeds.

This tool can be accessed by clicking on Javascript Code in the Website Management menu. To get started, click the Add Javascript button.



Paste in your Javascript code, and check the Footer JS box if you’d like the code to appear in the footer, rather than wherever you place the embed tag. 




Click Add Javascript to save the snippet.

Once you’ve added the code, you will see that each snippet is given an ID number. This ID is how you will insert the code into your web page.



Click on Webpages within the Website Management menu.



Select the page in which you’d like to insert the code and place your cursor on the part of the page you’d like to place it. Within the Webpage Content rich text editor, select Insert Javascript Code from the “Blue AMO button”. Located on the right end os the second row.



Then you will get this pop up.



This action will insert a tag on your page. Fill in the ID of the Javascript code you’d like to embed within the tag (as indicated in the drop down menu).



Update the webpage and that’s it! Click View Website (within the Website Management menu) to view your new feature in action!