Add Dues Type and Dues Details

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How To Add a Dues Type:

Please first read the Getting Started: Dues Type article for further information on Dues Type.

1. Click the green + button to bring up a screen allowing you to create your settings for this specific dues type.

2. Enter title for Dues Type & select if this dues type is for an Organization vs Individual

*Please read the Getting Started: Dues Type for more information regarding an Organization vs Individual


3. Next, select a flat-rate membership or a number-based membership due

*Please read the Getting Started: Dues Type for more information regarding Flat-Rate vs Range/Quantity membership dues.

4. Enter a number into Display Order & Description for this Member Due Type.

*Display Order will determine where this Dues Type will show in the main table.

5. If the Description field is left blank, as a default AMO will automatically list the dates through which their membership is active as the line item on your dues invoices. Please read this article for further information: How To: Change Line Item on Invoice

6. Click “Add Dues Type”. Now that you have created a new Dues Type, you will need to enter the Dues Details.

How To Add a Dues Details:

1. Click the “Edit” Icon next to the Dues Type you just created to bring up the General Information & Dues Detail tab.

2. Click the “Dues Details” Tab

3. You should now see a screen appear below to enter the necessary fields.

Fill out the necessary fields listed below:

Dues Year:

Dues Amount:

Active From/Active To:

Dues Duration:

Duration Type:

Duration From:

Account Code:

Max/Min Member:


Surcharge Offset: