Add Announcements

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Adding Announcements

You can place a live stream of announcements on your website using the Announcements List. To get started, navigate to “Website Management >> Announcements and click “Add Announcement” and state whether this is a recurring announcement or not.


How to Add an Announcement

First, lets state that this not a recurring announcement. It is as simple as providing the announcement title, date range in which it should be displayed, and full description of the announcement to be displayed. You can also choose a color for this announcement to be displayed on the master calendar.

If you would like to use a recurring announcement, click “Yes” at the initial prompt, and the follow the setup wizard in AMO for the specific settings for a weekly announcement or a monthly announcement.


How to Add Announcements to your Webpage

Navigate to the Webpages in AMO and choose the page that you would like to add an announcements stream to. Once you have done so, click on “Templates” in the toolbar and scroll down the list until you find the insert for Announcements.  Select this option and then update your webpage and view it to see your Announcements live on the website!