Add and Edit Individuals

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After your initial import of data, you may need to add additional individuals or organizations to your database.

How To: Add Individuals

1. To do so, navigate to Member Management >> Individuals

2. Click the “Green Plus” button to add a new individual


3. After clicking plus-button, AMO will ask if this individual is part of an organization.
If they are, select from pre-loaded organizations in the list. If they are not tied to an organization, choose no organization.

4. A screen will appear to fill out some General Information about the Individual.

– Enter the basic contact information
– Select Member Type
– Enter Paid-Thru Date, Join Thru date
– Select Committees if any
– Select Categories if any
– Check the “Association Member” checkbox if they are a paid member

5. After you’ve filled in all of their information, click “Add Individual” at the bottom of the page.

How To: Edit Individuals

Once you’ve entered in the basic information about each individual, you can navigate back to their profile to add additional information in the tabs listed across the top of each profile.

1. To do so, navigate to Member Management >> Individuals

2. Search for the Organization
3. Click the “Edit” Icon next to the record

Individuals Tabs: