Add an Organization

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How To: Add an Organization

To Get Started:

1. Navigate To Member Management >> Organization

2. Click the “Green Plus” Icon to add a new Organization

3. A screen will appear to fill out some General Information about the Organization.

– Enter the basic contact information
– Select Member Type
– Enter Paid-Thru Date, Join Thru date
– Select Categories if any
– Check the “Association Member” checkbox if they are a paid organization member

4. After you’ve filled in all of their information, click “Add Organization” at the bottom of the page.
After doing so, navigate back to the organizational database to ensure they were added correctly.


How To: Edit an Organization

Once you’ve added an Organization, you can navigate back to their profile to Edit additional information in the tabs listed across the top of each profile.

1. Navigate to Member Management >> Organizations

2. Search for the Organization
3. Click the “Edit” Icon next to the record

4. Select the appropriate Tab

6. Be sure to complete your work by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Update Organization”


Video Tutorial