Add a Donation Fund

How to Add a Donation Fund

If you haven’t read Donation Management yet, check it out here. It goes over general settings and set-up.

To get started, navigate to Donation Management >> Donation Funds, click the Add Donation Fund button at the top of the table and fill out the form.

  • Enter a unique name for your fund. (required)
  • Check/Uncheck the box to indicate whether the fund is currently active or inactive. (optional)


Funds set to “active” will appear as an option on your donations page in the Please Select a Fund to Donate To drop down menu. There are two reasons you might want to designate a fund as “inactive”. Either a campaign has ended but you don’t want to delete the fund, or you’re setting up a campaign that hasn’t started yet and you don’t want to go “live” with it until the actual start date.


    1. Enter the total you’re hoping to raise in the Fund Goal field. (optional)
    2. Enter a starting and ending date for the goal. (optional)
    3. Enter an account code if you want to reference an external account (in your accounting software). (optional)
    4. Check whether or not you would like to enable donors to control their own privacy settings (e.g. give anonymously). (optional)
    5. Check at least one payment type you will accept. (Note: Complimentary isn’t a valid option here and is only listed because it is an acceptable billing type in other sections of the AMO admin.) (optional)Don’t see any billing types? Click here to learn how to set them up; then come on back to continue with donations.



Enter a description for your fund. This will appear when the fund is selected from the list on the donation page.



    1. Check the box if you would like to generate a copy of all donation receipts for internal purposes, and if so, to what email address you would like those sent. If you leave this section blank, it will default to the options you specified in the general settings.



  1. Click Add Donation Fund. You can create as many donation funds as you want simply by repeating these ten steps.


Now you’re ready to start watching the donations flow in