Add a Banner Ad to a Webpage

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Adding a Banner Ad to your Webpage

To add a banner ad to a particular web page, navigate to Website Management >> Webpages and select the page you’d like to add a banner to. If you haven’t set up you banner ad first, do so in the Website Management >> Banner Ads or check out this article.

Simply add the image by clicking the image button in the website editor, make sure to have the image into the page and the click stats would not be tracked like banner ads are. It should be noted that you cannot specify which ad to show on a given page.

To add your banner to a web page, simply click on the AMO shortcode button (the A symbol). Scroll down until you find the short code entitled “Banner Ad: Content” or “Banner Ad: Sidebar”.

AMO will automatically display all banner ads that have current date display range. If you would only like specific ads to show at a certain time, make sure to change the display range under Banner Ads.


Banner Ad Display Options

To change where a banner ad is displayed, how long the banner will appear (if you have multiple ads running) and how they are displayed (randomly or in order) navigate to Website Management >> Website Styles and scroll to the bottom of the page. On this page you’ll see options for where ads should be displayed on the page and how often they should rotate or if AMO should randomly choose one ad to display for each time page is loaded.