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Video Tut: Navigation Menus

  The navigations menus are the building blocks for your website’s structure. To add a new tab to your navigation, click “Add Menu” to bring up the settings. Use the Menu Order field to determine what order this tab will display in your navigation bar. If two...

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How To: Add Tags

  Inserting tags Head to Website Management >> The icon in the lower left-hand corner of the toolbar is where "Tags" are located. You can use Tags to insert calendars, registration buttons, events lists, banner ads and many more auto-updating page elements....

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How To: Add a Button (Display Area) to Member Center

In the member center, there are multiple buttons you can turn on and off for members like events, groups, a job board, committees and more. When you first configured your member center, you may have removed or deleted certain buttons that weren't relevant or didn't...

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