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The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission Inc. is a nonprofit corporation made up of almost 400 sweet potato growers along with the packers, processors and business
associates that support them.

We were originally contacted by NCSPC to integrate all of their operations and Excel spreadsheets into one, central database. They also used to have a highly manual process for processing membership dues and needed to integrate with Quickbooks to export all financial transactions.

Coco Daughtry | Administrative Assistant, NCSPC

“You all have just saved us weeks of time and tears.”

The Implementation

Once the implementation team at AMO started working, it became apparent that we could drastically reduce the amount of time that it would take NCSPC to process their membership dues. They receive classified documents which only they are able to upload to update data that would trigger range-based membership dues.

A process that used to take weeks of conversion in Excel files was reduced to a matter of minutes. This allowed administrators to upload the classified files to combine all of the data into the database and update records with a few clicks.

NCSPC already had a wonderful website to use so they decided to link to AMO for use as a member portal that provides member’s only content. The portal was branded with their logos and color scheme to have a similar look and feel to their existing site.

Relationship Timeline

2014 – Began using AMO

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